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19 Jun 2014 
Almost everybody includes a favorite restaurant from which they just can't get an adequate amount of the delicious food around the menu there. There's just something in regards to the shot soup recipes that allow you to feel warm as nothing had happened. You should also keep in mind the visitors for the special occasion.   In this article, I've listed 3 recipes that I really enjoy and find myself making quite often.

2 Layered Traditional: Sometimes this can be called 7-layer, 6-layer, 5-layer, Taco or Mexican. They offer a great price on binding equipment and so they even offer Free Delivery on orders over $700. Simply use tepid to warm water and gently scrub the region together with your fingertips.

7 Cucumber Dip: Another cool and refreshing dip; try mixing 2 finely diced cukes with 1/4 cup red onion, 8 oz cream cheese, 1 cup mayo, and 16 oz of small curd cottage cheese.   Just dice one long carrot then one celery rib and add it towards the mixed liquids. Honey will smooth the skin and control the abrasive texture of the oatmeal on your own skin to prevent over exfoliation. The recipes are split into diet categories that include Traditional (which is exactly what most families eat from), Paleo, Gluten/Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Whole Foods, as well as Baby Food.

Not only are you able to find recipes for freezer cooking but tend to also find info on how to get started with freezer cooking. Instead of the bland, pre-packaged flavor of the ramen noodles, I've discovered new additions for the packaged noodles that heightens the flavour in so many ways. Cashews, roasted and powdered Salt, to taste 2 Tbsp Dried Coconut 1 Pinch Tumeric powder 1 Pinch of Asafoetida ¼ Tsp. Simply wrap an ice cube in the cotton cloth or towel and rub everything over your face.

Ramen Noodle Spaghetti - Cook the ramen noodles package (but omit the taste packet that usually is sold with them). If you understand how you can prepare these reduced carb meals, this will preserve unhealthy foods at bay. Shrimp Shish Kabob is a grilled meal that also includes small chunks zucchinis (low in calories and rich in mineral) and several herbs.

2 Layered Traditional: Sometimes this really is called 7-layer, 6-layer, 5-layer, Taco or Mexican. This should simmer for 5 minutes. Simply use tepid to warm water and gently scrub the region together with your fingertips.

Thanks for scanning this article on what a Coronita or Mexican Bulldog is and the way to make them! I hoped you liked the recipes. If you are unsatisfied after buying America's Secret Recipes there exists a 60 day money back guarantee. If you have made the decision that you want to cook like meals, you far better take action on a Sunday. If you are unhappy after buying America's Secret Recipes there's a 60 day money back guarantee. HINT: Combine and warm the following ingredients to get a delicious syrup: * 1/2 cup honey * 1/4 cup butter * Raisins, if desired * 1/4 tsp ginger or cinnamon.
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18 Jun 2014 


People that deal with on-line shop administration through Zen Cart platform have most likely heard of Zen Cart Affiliate Pack Modules. They may be irreplaceable when you need to enhance the sales. So...

When you want your products to be efficiently bought via Web, you should definitely appeal to the Commission Junction - the leader in the online advertising channel of affiliate marketing. Don't know how to export your merchandise there? Use Zen Cart Commission Junction Export Feed! It's easy to implement and it provides both multilanguage and multicurrency assistance. Amongst the important features is the capability of the module to export chosen categories, include or exclude products which might be either out of stock or with zero amount, strip HTML from product names and descriptions. If you have to limit quantity of products exported or set currency that is employed during export Zen Cart Commission Junction Export Feed will come in really handy. And this isn't all!

You'll find few of those who haven't heard of, a shopping internet site where individuals purchase and advertise products all around the world on the internet. So if you wish to get your products or services listed on eBay international market, opt for Zen Cart eBay Export Feed. This instrument will allow you to create item listings and control them effectively. Similar to Zen Cart Commission Junction Export Feed, this Zen Cart module offers the ability to export and import categories and products.

To see the original version with any other graphics or online video, go to the link aboveApart from that, it automatically uploads feed via FTP, sends feed through email, updates, stores it in your server and many more!

Zen Cart Affiliate Window Export Feed is one more Zen Cart contribution which gives the chance to export your items into Affiliate Window. The latter provides the advantages ranging from monitoring, reporting and analysis to communication and relationship management. The application of this Zen Cart Module will allow you to export item from a store, track comprehensive statistics from your shop administration panel and setup fully automated data feed export process.

Zen Cart LinkShare Export Feed is another Zen Cart module that gives the chance to be part of LinkShare Affiliate network - a leading provider of online marketing solutions specializing in the areas of Search, Lead Generation and Affiliate. Nowadays more and more advertisers and publishers in their search for technology innovation and knowledge are turning towards the Linkshare network. If you do strive to change traffic into revenue, check out Zen Cart LinkShare Export Feed. The module will prove successful in no time!

Here some important Zen Cart modules are discussed. Nonetheless, there exist a lot more modules that export products into different marketing networks. Try any of the Zen Cart modules for your on-line shop and you will see how much they contribute to the triumph of your online business!
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12 Jun 2014 
The Open Internet Order of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, to be effective on November  20, 2011, will face a tough court battle with Verizon's lawyers questioning the authority of the agency to regulate Internet service providers. Both sides have wild cards to play, but the agency is under more pressure to harmonize the net neutrality order with its broad statutory mandate.

The FCC lost a similar case against Comcast a year ago, but that court ruling actually expounded rather than settled the jurisdiction debate. Under the Open Internet Order, fixed ISPs will be forbidden from blocking legal content and unfairly manipulating Internet speed, while mobile ISPs will be required to calibrate Internet speed only to ensure the efficiency  of bandwidth utilization to avoid bandwidth congestion. ISPs that deliberately slow down access to competing services like VoIP sites will be penalized under the Open Internet Order.

Verizon to Follow Comcast's Footsteps

Michael Glover, Verizon's general counsel, said the that the net neutral policy is inconsistent with the Communications Act and "will create uncertainty for the communications industry, innovators, investors and consumers."  Legal analysts expect Verizon to raise the deadly question of jurisdiction during the trial. In Comcast vs FCC case, the court found no strong justification to classify Internet service regulation as an ancillary function of the agency. No matter how noble the ideal is, any FCC-mandated net neutrality order is considered non-binding by the court.

There is nothing in the Communications Act that mentions ISP regulation as FCC's rightful area of jurisdiction. Ironically, it is the FCC that also decided that an Internet service is neither a telecommunications service nor a cable service, thus creating a loophole in its own net neutrality scheme.

Because of the lack of expressed statutory mandate relating to ISP regulation, the FCC has to prove to the court that its Internet service regulations can satisfy Section 4(i) of the Act.

Section 4(i) of the Communications Act

The fate of the Open Internet Order lies on Section 4(i) of the Communications Act and previous Supreme Court rulings which grant the FCC the right to perform ancillary functions that are not expressed in the Act, as long as these functions are aimed at enforcing the "statutory mandated responsibilities" of the agency. But in the Comcast vs FCC case, the the agency's alleged jurisdiction is deemed unsubstantiated pursuant to this provision.

What Verizon Can Learn From Comcast

The Comcast case is a classic example of how  legal technicalities can result into debatable outcomes. Some may think that the Comcast case was ruled not within the will of the Communications Act but of cold legal jargon. All parties in the case agreed that forbidding an ISP from throttling peer-to-peer network access is not a statutorily mandated function of the agency, but the decisive issue is whether or not there is a statutorily mandated responsibility upon which this ancillary function can be considered as an integral part of. In the end, the court refused to acknowledge congressional policy statements as sources of "statutorily mandated authority." The court ruled that unlike law, congressional statements of policy cannot be used as a basis in determining areas of jurisdiction that may justify FCC's regulation of the ISP's network management practices. This was a big blow to the agency for there is nothing in the Communications Act that grants the FCC the jurisdiction over  ISP regulation.

Legal Technicalities Result Into Unexpected Outcomes

The lack of expressed provisions on FCC's authority over ISPs' network management practices creates ample rooms for excessive deductive reasoning for two sides, with each party citing preceding court rulings to build its case. Building a rule out of previous court decisions and putting them together to support the "jurisdiction" theory results into seemingly self-contradictory but not necessarily wrong ruling. Comcast consented that its Internet service can be considered as an "interstate and foreign communication by wire" within the meaning of Title I of the Communications  Act, yet the court decided that preventing the ISP from slowing down BitTorrent access does not support any statutorily mandated responsibilities of the FCC.

However, the FCC has won a number of cases which involved the use of ancillary authority over areas not expressed in the Act. Moreover, the  Open Internet Order has a broader aim than FCC's anti-Comcast policy.  The Order sets the conditions under which arbitrary Internet speed throttling should be prohibited, with the goal of  balancing consumer protection and the business interests of providers.
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09 Jun 2014 
If you've ever wondered if there was a program which provided a free cell phone for seniors, you don't have to wonder anymore because there is a program that is very easy to apply to and get accepted in.

 Let's face it, mobile phone service can be expensive, at the time of this publication, the average monthly wireless phone bill was hovering just around $50. And having a wireless phone even for a senior is very important for both safety and convenience.

 Both Seniors and the elderly are easily able to carry wireless phones with them and if ever they needed access to a phone quickly for an emergency, they'd have it on them. A wired phone just doesn't offer this same peace of mind. Moreover, to a senior on medicaid, social security or on a limited pension, a cell phone bill can put a serious dent in a senior's budget. Even for those caring for elderly or senior parents, providing money for monthly cell phone bills can be cost prohibitive as well. But luckily there are options for seniors to get a cell phone for free.

 There is an exceptionally great program which has the best free cell phones for those 55 and over and anyone else with a low income. The best wireless phone program for seniors is the Assurance Cellphone Program. With the Assurance Lifeline Program, a senior can get up to 250 free monthly minutes for free. All you have to do is apply online for assurance wireless phones to see if you or the senior in your life qualifies.

Here are the steps:

Go to the Assurance Wireless - Apply Online.

Enter in your zip code - By entering your zip code you will be taken to a qualification page which will make sure that your state is participating in the free cell phone for seniors program.

Read the eligibility requirements.

To see the original article as well as other supplementary graphics or video, browse the link previously mentionedIn most cases seniors who get Medicaid, SSI or food stamps can receive a free phone.

Download the application or call Assurance Wireless' Toll Free Number.

Provide the document to substantiate you are a low income senior.

Wait for approval and your free cell phone.

 A Free Wireless Phone

250 Free Monthly Minutes


Free Calls to Customer Service

Ability to add additional minutes for $20. ($20 adds 1000 free minutes and 1000 text messages)

For those who are insterested in alternative free cell phone programs, there are also programs like Budget Mobile and Safelink as well to help seniors get free cell phones. Of course Assurance Wireless, I think is a better program because it's run on the Sprint Nationwide Network and the website is really very organized and their customer service is second to none.

As you can see a free cell phone for seniors is possible when you apply to programs like the Assurance Wireless Phones Program.
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30 Apr 2014 
Congratulations, your blog is created !
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Once you're connected, a toolbar will be placed automatically at the top of the page, managing you to access the administration panel.

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